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Physical and Emotional
Tools and Techniques to Promote a
Positive Birth Experience

A Practical CPD day for Midwives, Doulas, Students and Ante-Natal Teachers

Advantages of movement in labour and environmental impact on a woman’s
ability to access her body’s wisdom 

Awareness and recognition of pelvic shapes, influence on baby’s position,
length of labour and birth outcomes.  How to relate palpation to position

Psychological support and tools to support a long labour

Working within hospital environment and home environment 

Pain-Coping techniques

Using Rebozo and Spinning babies techniques

Handouts provided 

Saturday July 9th 2011 from 10 till 5 in Taunton
Cost: £50

Patricia Whitworth – Active Birth, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Doula with 10 years experience of working with pregnant and labouring women and couples in the South West. 

Contact Patricia on 01392 438586 or email

Eleanor Copp – NHS Midwife and Hypnotherapist runs 1:1 sessions, couples workshops and works with Midwives on managing stress.  She founded the Taunton Birth Forum, co-runs the Taunton Baby Loss support group and works at a Midwife led Birth Centre.

Contact Eleanor on 07929857608 or email

‘It was so comfortable when Patricia used the diaphragmatic release and my baby moved!’ Cathy, Mother of 3

‘This is brilliant, it’s the information I never learnt during training’ Sarah, Midwife

'Understanding this has helped me prepare couples so much better’ Clare, NCT Teacher.

Click here for workshops and training for midwives and student midwives on stress management at work and understanding hypnosis for birth.

Telephone: 01823 350945 - Mobile: 07929 857608


Clinics in Taunton and Bristol

Can we help you?

If you would like to find out how we can help support
your staff and for rates please contact:

Eleanor 07929857608

or Naomi 07774568339


"Really, really enjoyable day, very interesting and relevant I feel I have learnt a lot about myself.” Kate Dugan, Midwife Oxford.

“I am already a relaxed Midwife and this day reinforced the importance of that. The group gelled well and I will take the relevant techniques to keep calm away with me.” Louise Westwood, Oxford. 

Praise for the relaxed Midwife training day run by Eleanor Copp and Naomi Morton

“This day ought to be part of annual up dating to help ensure safe practice; I now recognize when I am stressed and when other staff members are stressed, and know how to manage stress much much better now.” Jeanne McCollum Midwife, Notts .

“Thank you for everything today, for giving us something real and useful to take away to practice.” Annie Kippax, Midwife, Luton

“Thank you for a great day, this would be good for all students and should be incorporated into the NHS, I have learned how to be courageous and be a strong advocate for Mother and Baby.” Michelle Searles, Student Midwife, Devon

Our next Training Events

September 29th 2011 - Oxford

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£50 (non returnable)

September 29th 2011 in Oxford

If you would like us to come to you, please ask us!

How to be a Relaxed Midwive

This CD has been created with the intention of offering stressed Midwives a route to being relaxed and calm.

It accompanies the training day for midwives but is designed also to be a standalone supportive tool.

Listening to one track a day will help you to manage your workload and your approach and mood better than you do currently and in the process enable you to feel less burdened and happier.

How to be a Relaxed Midwife - Relaxation CD
Price: £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing. Total to pay = £11.50

Clinics in Taunton and Bristol

Praise for the relaxed Midwife training day run by Eleanor Copp and Naomi Morton

"A positive and relaxed day, a good mixture of didactic, experiential and discussion. A great environment, Eleanor and Naomi are good leaders. This approach should be taken in into the NHS.” Prof Lesley Page. 

“A really enjoyable day, full of tips on how to cope with anxiety when at work.” Estelle King, Midwife, Luton

“A very enjoyable day with some useful techniques, I have learnt new ways of building clearer relationships and not avoiding difficult situations.” Angela Watson, Midwife, Chelmsford.

"A very good experience, I have learned when situations start deteriorating and my confidence plummets, to stand back and for a few seconds to gather myself.” Denise Quinn, Midwife, Luton

National Council for Hypnotherapy and The Royal College of Midwives

What Midwives Say

"I think this would be useful to every Midwife." Karen Thomas, Midwife, Hereford.

 "Anyone who is a Woman, working Mother aspiring Midwife or practising should attend this excellent course. A brilliant day thank you Eleanor and Naomi."  Marie Price, Midwife, Cambridgeshire.  
"I will put all that I have learned today into practice and support the empowerment that each person has inside themselves." Mary Smith, Student Midwife, Burnham on Sea, Somerset. 

"After today I believe in myself more and I can now step back and refocus my thoughts and so not take on other peoples stress as  a  personal threat." J Hembery, Student Midwife, Bridgwater, Somerset.

"All Doulas would benefit from attending this course to have a better understanding of the pressures and stresses Midwives face, It was  it has certainly helped me to become a better Doula which is good for every birthing Mother I work with." Karen Gray, Somerset.

"I now recognise my own self imposed barriers to self confidence and from now on will be more relaxed and make the Woman my priority and  no one else." Nicky Green, Student Midwife, Devon.

"I found the interactions between the group and the breathing techniques most useful and am going to regularly listen to my cd 'How to be a Relaxed Midwife'." Hayley Poulsom, Student Midwife, Wellington, Somerset.

"I felt totally at ease very quickly in Eleanor's company. I understood the message and it made a huge amount of sense. Instead of getting instantly stressed and reacting at work, now I can calm that feeling down, and get in control of myself again, I have noticed what am impact this has had on my energy levels and I am more smiley!" Becky, Midwife.

"The cd is so relaxing; I love it." Mandy, Midwife.

"Naomi really has helped me to understand I don’t need to be in charge of every situation. I have learned that being less chatty does not mean I am less involved and I now understand the how the power of suggestion can change someone’s self belief and subsequently their labour and birth. Thank you." Sarah, Midwife. 

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